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Martinez de Pasqually

Ordre Martiniste Opératif Au Québec

Pentacle Martiniste

Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin
Louis Claude de Saint-Martin


Martinism integrates itself within the vast judeo-christian movement, which takes its roots in the first centuries of christianism and that has ramified itself in numerous movements, orders and secret societies more or less structured: Freemasonry, Rose-Croix or even the Knights Templar, only to name the best known.

Martinism has thus sustained itself from many diverse schools of thought: gnosis, hermetism, kabbalah or even occultism, in a spirit of tolerance and openness, opposed to any form of dogmatism or fanatism. Martines de Pasqually is the founder of the spiritual martinist current, a foundation that will be later consolidated by his to emulators: Louis-Claude de St-Martin and Jean-Baptiste Willermoz.

1891 marks the official birth of the Martinist Order put in place by two men having both each received individually a filiation of Louis-Claude de St-Martin: Doctor Gérard Encausse, better known by the name of Papus, and Pierre Augustin Chaboseau.

Surrounded in the occultism at the turn of the 19th century the first Supreme Council of the Order gathered among its members, important figures who left their imprint in the initiatic backgrounds of their time: Stanislas de Guaita, Joséphin Péladan, Sédir. Very quickly the Martinist Order gave birth to many other branches including the Synarchic Martinist Order, founded by Victor Blanchard in 1920.

In the next following years, Martinism spreads out of France: England, Italy, Spain. It extends also very quickly within the European, African and American continents. Let us not be mistaken however, Martinism has never been a mass movement. The number of initiates, impossible to number because of the multiplicity of its structures has, without a doubt, never exceeded 5000 members.

The Operative Martinist Order was founded on the 20th of April 1984 in Montréal, Québec. It was created by seven dignitaries of the Synarchic Martinist Order. On this Holy Friday, it has also received the transmission of superior degrees from the following filiations: Symarchic Martinist Order, Initiatic Martinist Order, Independent Martinezist-Martinist Order, Martinist Order of “Papus”.

Consequently, our Order recognizes as valid all Martinist initiations received from these Orders or Orders regularly emanating from them.

The Operative Martinist Order is a non-profit organization. It is open to any women or any man of desire believing in God and wanting to progress spiritually and philosophically.

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