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Ordre Martiniste Opératif Au Québec

Pentacle Martiniste

Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin

It is a pleasure to welcome you on our website.   Much like the initiatic road this site is under constant progression don't hesitate to come visit us often. 

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ordre martiniste opératif

The Operative Martinist Order

The Operative Martinist Order, of synarchic constitution, is a co-educational initiatic college dedicated to high studies and to the practice of traditional sciences.

Our temple works in the spirit of the most ancient tradition in order to perpetuate the teachings and the initiatic discipline that will allow its initiates to acquire the Keys of Knowledge and to consciously work toward the act of Universal Reconciliation. Next...



Martinism integrates itself within the vast judeo-christian movement, which takes its roots in the first centuries of christianism and that has ramified itself in numerous movements, orders and secret societies more or less scructured: Freemasonry, Rose-Croix or even the Knights Templar, only to name the best known. Next...

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